ultimate Wireless


Advancing Wireless Via Instantaneity

Increasing Range and Reliability of Wireless Transmissions

ultimate Wireless (uW) offers quantum advances over existing methods, with vast improvements to all wireless applications and the creation of entirely new ones. Per fixed high bitrate, uW transmits 12 times or greater distances with 1E3 orders of magnitude greater efficiency (>50 dB increase in system gain). Instantaneous checkout and inventorying in supply chains is one instance of a new application that the greater range and lower cost of uW enables. Prominent problems plaguing wireless applications now: interference from multipath reflections can now be eliminated due to the instantaneity of uW and locating accuracy ensured to be under a meter via novel two-way distancing of uW. Greater spectral efficiencies result from the intrinsically high bitrate and low noise of uW, resulting in reduced spectral density.